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Sanctions and Empty Store Shelves.

Posted by rodger on April 27 2016 2 Commented

I have been avoiding writing new posts since the Ukrainian crisis started.  I prefer to write humor and there hasn’t been a lot funny about that conflict. In fact, if I did write the truth about it, from the Russian point of view, I would get lot of angry letters. However someone has to post […]

October 16, 2007 Kleb, Mayonnaise, and Chicken bone soup

Posted by rodger on November 14 2015 3 Commented

I cannot leave this without talking about Russian food. Along with walking several miles a day, it is one of the reasons that I have lost 15 pounds this month. Most of the calories in the Russian diet come from bread (“kleb”), potatoes, and cabbage, and it colors a lot of what they do. You […]

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