July 7, 2010 The Russian Glen Beck

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If you love Glen Beck and like O’Reilly, this guy is your new best friend.
On the other hand, if you hate Beck, this guy will raise your blood pressure enough to cause a stroke.
RTN is the English language Russian news channel. Mr. Keiser is between OReilly and Beck in style and way right of both of them politically and economically. His female sidekick is American and she also seems to be a rabidly anti-bank and anti-government as  he is.
He says a lot of stuff the even O’Reilly would shy away from – such as his segment on the similarities between Obama’s idea of government and Fascism, and he provides real nasty looks at how much the insiders, such as bankers and businessmen, who contribute well to politicians, have ripped off from the American public.
His take on the protestors at the G-20 meeting would be novel to most Americans. He claims that, unlike the past where the nuts and fruits came out to demand free everything as their “rights”, that most of the protestors now were people who were upset about the various governments stealing trillions of dollars of tax money and giving it to banks who were “too big to fail” and who made good campaign contributions. As he put it, “people who were being driven into economic serfdom to support friends of politicians.”
Last week, he had a pad of “Obama Dollars” – oversized American 1000 dollar bills with Obama’s face on them – and he kept peeling them off as he talked about how much Obama has spent and claiming the soon his Obama dollars and American dollars would be worth about the same – and his were bigger and softer.
Today, he showed the news article where Hillary warned other countries to stop oppressing their citizens who wanted to protest – and then showed film of American reporters being arrested for filming the oil spill and protesters at the Democratic convention being tear gassed. He is the only man I know who hates Obama more than I do.
One warning. He hates BOTH sides of the aisle equally (which fits with my feelings) so if you want partisan reporting, you won’t get it from him.
Look for Keiser reports on the list of daily shows- it is worth a watch.

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