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March 27, 2003 Tver, the City of Beautiful Women

Posted by rodger on November 14 2015 2 Commented

We are in Tver. Leo and Marina came up to Moscow for two days and we returned to Tver with them yesterday. We are returning to Moscow in a few hours. There is a commuter train from here to Moscow that costs about $1.50 for the two and a half-hour trip – or more accurately […]

February 23, 2009 Love, Russian Style

Posted by rodger on November 14 2015 one Commented

I’m singing in the rain, singing in rain, and I’m haaapy agaaain! Why an I happy? Because when it rains, it’s too warm for your ears to freeze off and too warm for ice on the ground. Love rain. Speaking of love….. Love, Russian Style Mother in law, Elvira, just lost her boyfriend. She deserved […]

July 13, 2010 A Piece Of History – That Sounds Like Jello

Posted by rodger on November 13 2015 Add Comments

I own several pieces of history. I own a plant fossil from the Cambrian period, an Egyptian stone goddess from a third dynasty grave, a Civil War bullet, and now a Lada. For those of you who have been incarcerated or entombed for the past 20 years, a Lada is the famous Communist copy of […]

July 24, 2010 My Jiggly Zhiguli

Posted by rodger on November 13 2015 one Commented

My diamond in the rough turned out to be a lot more “rough” than diamond. I rather expected that this was going to happen in a country where no one can afford to sell a car that runs. That brought us to plan two. I had limited our choices to Ladas from the start. My […]

July 16, 2010 Friday morning. – I’m Getting Married Again

Posted by rodger on November 13 2015 one Commented

  Larisa has felt bad that we never been married in Russia and can’t make it legal here until the adoption is finalized. He passport says “single” and her husband is here so rarely that her friends barely believe she is married. Her solution is that we are going to get married in the church […]

September 5, 2010 The Three Rules of Finding a Russian Wife, And the Man Who Broke Them All.

Posted by rodger on November 13 2015 one Commented

I want to tell you the story of one man in Russia. It is a story that could not be told until his death. For those of you looking for my usual humor, you might want to skip this post. This is a tragedy told here only for what it shows about Russian brides, and […]

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